Important update: Software conflict with Autodesk A360 Collaboration v6 for Revit

Important update: Software conflict with Autodesk A360 Collaboration v6 for Revit

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*** Updated *** 14/08/2015

‪‎Autodesk‬ has released an update for Autodesk A360 Collaboration, version 7 for ‪Autodesk Revit‬. Please note the new version eliminates the incompatibility with other Revit add-ins as experienced in below the below post.

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The Team at RTV Tools

——————————– original post ——————————–
Dear customer,

We have noticed a serious conflict between our software add-ins for Revit and the recently released Autodesk A360 Collaboration v6 update for Revit that causes our software to not run when clicked on.

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and our team are working hard to get the software conflict resolved as quickly as possible.

If you are experiencing the above issue please email us on for advice on how to create a work-around to the above issue.

Software affected by the above software conflict includes;

  • RTV Drawing Manager
  • RTV Shared Parameter Manager
  • RTV Xporter and Xporter PRO
  • RTV Reporter
  • RTV Paint

We will keep you informed via our website and social media channels when a software update has been released that resolved the software conflict.

Additional useful information from Autodesk:

Collaboration for Revit: 2015.6/2016.1 breaks other add-ins

Users reported that installing the Collaboration for Revit® 2015.6 or 2016.1 add-in is causing other add-ins to stop working.
There seems to be a DLL conflict with the latest Collaboration for Revit add-in.
Status: This incident is currently being investigated for a possible cause and resolution
Incident ID: 72448
Workaround: Continue using the 2015.5 or 2016.0 version of the Collaboration for Revit Add-in. Note: If you need to remove the newer add-in (Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit…), you will also want to remove the new version of the “Personal Accelerator for Revit”.

Link: Collaboration for Revit 2015 v6 breaks other add-ins.

Kind regards

RTV Tools Limited

Jason Howden
CEO | Director

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