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Automate Aconex Documentation Uploads

RTV Aconex Uploader automates bulk uploads in 3 simple clicks (Connect, Publish and Transmit)

Tests with Architecture and Engineering firms show new tool significantly reduces time spent processing bulk uploads to Aconex

RTV Tools Aconex Uploader is a standalone application that automates the process of bulk uploading documents to the Aconex platform with just three clicks.

It also allows for quick quality control checks, edits, and updates of Aconex meta-data fields.

The RTV Aconex Uploader is now being rolled out for free to all users of Aconex and is expected to save 100’s of hours a day on projects around the world.

Senior Project Drafters, James Alexander and Gordon Lees at Holmes Consulting have been using the Uploader for a significant key anchor project of the Christchurch rebuild.

“As Aconex took off over the last three or four years, we had to develop an in-house bulk upload process for the platform and train an admin staffer to take care of the laborious details,” says James.

“To do a bulk upload it was taking an hour or two, whereas with RTV’s app we are now talking 10 – 15 minutes. When you add that up over the lifetime of the project, it is quite significant.”

But the real advantage in using RTV Aconex Uploader Tool is the ability to reliably edit documents right up until deadline, says Gordon.

“It means we can make final tweaks fairly close to when we want to issue. You just hit go and if there are any errors it will detect them, and within five minutes you can have anything up to 400 sheets ready to go,” he says.

“It’s very difficult to recall things back from Aconex,” adds James. “Once it’s up there it is always visible. So, particularly when you’re talking thousands of files that have to be managed, having the app pick those errors up early and not transfer to Aconex is great.”

“The pressure is on with some of these projects - generally there’s a lot to do in a small space of time so any time-saving advantage we can gain has got to be good for the company.”
“The fact that it is free has also meant that we can download to any desktop, give to anyone in the project team, and train them how to use it.”

“I would have to add that we also use the RTV Xporter Pro as part of the process,” says Gordon. “They work together to fully automate exporting documents from Revit and uploading to Aconex, which is what everyone is after. If I was recommending one, I would recommend both.”

“We’ve noticed that Aconex is increasingly becoming the document management platform of choice. Now that the RTV Uploader tool has made it easy I would be more likely to recommend Aconex as a drawing storage and management system.”

Once a product is known for its ease of use, it doesn’t take long to propagate in the construction tech industry, says James.

“If there’s a product out there that’s easier to use, it’s going to grab more market share because in the construction tech sector we do get together and talk about these sorts of things. If someone raves about a software then it doesn’t take long for that word to get round.”

“The document project management space is ever-growing. These platforms grow exponentially the more projects they get used on across the world and the more people that come into contact with them.”

“The reality is that day to day we deal with multiple software applications to develop our designs and it is not straightforward to get documents through the chain all the way to Aconex, which is where we need automation. There’s always going to be a space for these third party associated applications which help people out.”

Document Controller, Caitlin Bonnar, was one of the first to be part of the early testing of the new tool at a major architectural firm.

“We use Aconex for documentation management, drawing uploads, and work flows. Our latest project has been entirely run through the platform,” says Caitlin

“I had come to think that late nights and working to the last minute of a deadline was just part and parcel of architecture. When you have to upload 200 – 300 drawings and complete a separate metadata template, it is a really slow process.”

Using the RTV Aconex Uploader has cut down a 2-hour process to just 20 minutes says Caitlin.

“We use it every day and if I had to go back to the way were going before the RTV Aconex Uploader it would be near impossible – I wouldn’t be able to get done everything I am doing now. We have been fortunate to be one of the first firms using the tool.”

“RTV automates bulk processing, uploading files and creating a data template. It is able to pick up mistakes in the metadata and shows exactly what lines the errors are in and what you need to fix. It’s just so much more straightforward, and it means that the document controller from the contractor isn’t on your case.”

“The time-savings are obviously great for the bottom line and the project’s efficiency. I think RTV just needs to be a standard part of the Aconex user’s toolbox to be honest.”

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