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Mordue Engineering

I've been using RTV from the early days in 2008 and have seen it grow from a great drawing manager for Revit to a fantastic drawing manager for Revit. I use RTV every day from the smallest 5 sheet job to a 500+ sheet job and the program save's heaps of time. RTV is a great Add-in for Revit and anyone trying to issue, export, create and manage their projects this is a must.

Angelo Greco, Melbourne, Australia
Senior Draftsperson

Graphic Dimensions Ltd

I primarily looked to implement Drawing Manager due to frustration with the revision capabilities of Revit itself which was and still is frustratingly limited. Since it's early conception Drawing Manager has evolved to providing a highly comprehensive means of managing Revit Sheets and views, include for external documents, manage sheet revisions & issues, export both views and sheets to various formats and print sheets to multiple devices. I would highly recommend it to other companies.

Scott Sellars, Wellington, NZ
Autodesk Product Manager

Billund Aquakulturservice

You guys have simply delivered a piece of software that has simplified the use of Revit tremendously. Plus, your support has been excellent.
I would simply say to the team behind Autodesk Revit: "Revit will not function without the RTV Drawing Manager".

Thomas Esbjerg, Denmark
Revit Manager

Warren & Mahoney

Hi Jason, Simon and the RTV Tools Team, Just want to give you guys 5+ Stars for the RTV Tools Xporter Pro! I wrote this while it was exporting all my Navisworks NWC files for me – automating a somewhat numb user process!
It played a major part in saving my bacon over the weekend – saving over 8hrs of work & was super easy to set up, I highly recommend to all to just jump in and give it a try, they might be surprised how much their time on the golf course increases!
Well done guys. – Top effort once again – for those sceptics all I can say is information changes situations – give it a go!

Nathan de Leeuw, New Zealand
Studio BIM Manager


Recent user of RTV Drawing manager. Highly recommended. Too many benefits to go into detail, but have just found the ability to link External Documents into RTV DM so that you can transmit a record of a documents outside the linked Revit project. i.e. Transmit your Word Specification alongside your Revit drawings.

Stephen Fox, Sydney Area, Australia
Studio BIM Manager

AECOM Australia Pty Ltd

Couldn't work without it. Mixed revision labels, automatic pdf names, saves so much time compared to schedules and you know everything is consistent.

Jared G, Adelaide Area, Australia
Revit Manager


As a content creator adding parameters to a number of files one at a time is a tedious and often frustrating process! The RTV Shared Parameter Manager removes the time consuming agony and allows parameters to be organised, added and manipulated quickly and effectively. Having used Revit for many years now it’s safe to say that the RTV Shared Parameter Manager is the best add-on for Autodesk Revit I have come across and could not do without.

Kris Atkinson, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Senior Content Specialist

Capita - Property and infrastructure

Our office has been using Xporter for almost 6 months on a demanding project that requires the production of a large amount of documentation. The software has proved to be well worth purchasing, it speed up and simplifies PDF production, and amending the file name as we require. The automatic nature of the plugin means that our designers can remain designing as opposed to printing and renaming sheets.

Kevin Bell, London, United Kingdom
Associate Director

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